Enthusiasm. Passion. Service.

These are the tenets on which I am basing Electrical Motion LLC, the company behind electricalmotion.com and, for the future, happylittlebikes.com.

I wake up every day with two major goals for myself: learn something new and leave the world better than I found it.

We all get busy, and for the last 15 years, I’ve been busy learning and growing as a college kid, then a graduate student, then a professional. It’s easy to get caught up in the rat-race of keeping-up-with-the-Joneses, so I try to live a little differently, a little more scientifically. I’m an engineer by interest, training, and trade. That’s me, above, in my favorite hat, making a chocolate milkshake (also my favorite), by bicycle power, in Freeport, Maine.

Electric bikes are amazing and hold many opportunities. You can ‘get back on the bike’ that threw you (read: me) off so long ago. I stopped riding because I couldn’t make it over many large Pennsylvania hills and mountains, meaning every ride was just for leisure, just around the block, just for exercise. Now, with my ebike, I can go anywhere. I routinely traverse the entire Lehigh Valley, testing a new build, or just enjoying the trails, all without fear of having to pedal myself sweaty.

(my first DIY ebike build)
(my first DIY ebike build)

Already ride a lot? You can go farther and maybe faster. Sure, you can hit 15 mph without too much effort on the flats, but with an ebike you can stay at 20 mph and pedal as much (or as little) as you feel like.

Lost your license? Can’t have a license? I’m not here to judge! Ebikes in Pennsylvania are just as legal as bicycles. There are even enclosed trike models in the works that function like cars but are legal like bikes. No license or insurance required!

Want to ‘go green’ and save money? The cost of the electricity to power an ebike works out to more than 100 times less than a gasoline auto per mile driven. When you factor in the other costs of ownership, it’s close to 1000 times less. Some ebike batteries already have solar trickle charging to keep your battery healthy and add a couple extra miles.

Love new technology? Ebikes are the coolest! There are bluetooth speakers, colored trim lights, gadgets, and accessories, galore!

Love to modify, do-it-yourself, and ‘hot-rod’ your bikes? You can make just about any kind of vehicle you can think of. I support the DIY community and will be holding classes and keeping stock of popular conversion kits. Electric motors have all their torque at the low end which is a lot of fun!

(our workshop is just getting started)
(our workshop is just getting started)

Stuck on your build? I’m happy to help. Give me a call and we’ll talk!

What can you do with an ebike? There are hundreds of miles of trails throughout the Lehigh Valley and beyond. The Delaware and Lehigh river trail extends from the Francis E. Walter dam in the Poconos all the way south through Allentown and Bethlehem, through Easton, and down to Philly. Bethlehem, Hellertown, and Coopersberg are almost fully connected by private rail trail.

Depending on where you live and work, you could commute to work by ebike. No need to arrive sweaty, or change, or shower. Because your ebike did the work, you just hop off, keep it at your desk, or lock it up, and know that you didn’t spend $2-$4 on gas each way getting to work.

You arrived by Electrical Motion.

I’ll help you get there. Send me a message or give me a call. 610-419-7119 or ljfrench@electricalmotion.com.

Leonard French