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Spring is here! So are deals on electric bikes!

The Vermont is a powerful mountain-ebike, $1,999.
(The Vermont is a powerful mountain-ebike, $1,999)

Spring has sprung and I see more and more people out and enjoying the weather! We have ebikes that will help you enjoy it in a new and great way!

These bicycles are all ELECTRIC, powered by modern, high-torque electric motors in the rear hub. They are made of quality parts in standard sizes for long-term use and upgradability.

Range is 25+ miles without pedaling, 80+ miles with pedal-assist. Top speed is 20+ mph without pedaling.

Ebikes are STREET LEGAL by Federal Law!

Get back on the bike! Climb South Mountain or Summit Lawn! Commute between three cities on the beautiful and private D&L river trail! Go to the beach on a fat-tire ebike!

Can’t drive? Ebikes don’t require a license, insurance, or registration in PA. There is minimal maintenance and additional cost with ebikes. There are many models for many uses. They are a great car alternative!

I will be posting videos of each ebike with information on their acceleration, range, and hill climbing ability.

Call at 610-419-7119 or write at! Free local delivery (20 miles) or pick up.

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Check out Ebikes at the Big Boy Toy Expo at Allentown Ag-Hall March 5th and 6th

First show!
First show!

Come check out our Ebikes at Allentown’s Ag-Hall this weekend! (March 5th and 6th, 2016) for the 1st annual Big Boy Toy Expo!

I will post pictures (Update: see above!) once we’ve got the booth set up later this afternoon. We will have ebikes available for purchase at the show at exclusive show prices, as well as taking orders for delivery in time for spring. We can answer your questions, schedule demo rides for the upcoming warmer weather (it’s going to be very cold this weekend), and talk about Pennsylvania’s ebike laws.

We are looking forward to sharing all of our ebike excitement with you!

Len French
Electrical Motion

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Electric bikes have arrived! Happy New Year!


Electric bikes for sale!Electric bikes for sale!


Arsenal Ebike Arrival
The Daymak Arsenal Folding Full Suspension Ebike
Paris 48V Arrival
The Daymak Paris 48V Cruiser Ebike
Wild Goose Arrival
The Daymak Wild Goose Fat Tire Ebike

All of our initial shipment is put together and tested. I had a chance to take two of them around the block and up a decent hill. My first impressions from below hold true: the bikes are quality products.

  • The Paris 48V cruiser feels luxurious and smooth (but with some powerful acceleration), comes with a nice cargo rack, a quick-adjust handlebar, and front suspension with lockout.
  • The Vermont 48V mountain bike feels powerful as well, but feels built for a more traditional mountain biking experience. It had no problem with the hill at the shop, even without me pedaling.
  • The Paris 250W entry-level cruisers feel similar to the Paris 48V overall, but with noticeable difference in power and extra features. The bikes are a great value for their $999 price tags, and include a locking, removable, 24V lithium ion battery pack.
  • The Wild Goose electric fat bikes feel big and wide as their name implies! They use a square-wave controller which gives them this awesome ‘vroom’ sound as they run. They are sturdy and large and are a lot of fun to ride. I got a chance to ride this up the big hill at the shop and it had no trouble but needed pedal assistance.
  • The Aresenal folding full suspension bike is the perfect commuter. It has the perks of a mid-level full suspension, folds in half for easy transport or storage, hides the battery in the tube for maximum efficiency, and doesn’t weigh a ton like some other bikes do.

Full tests, video, and pictures, coming soon!

ORIGINAL: I’m proud to announce that our first shipment of electric bicycles has arrived from Daymak! We have four of them put together and tested so far. I intend to have the rest done over the weekend, plus photos and video for you.

My first impressions are very positive. I found the bikes to be well-built and designed. The paint, parts, look, and feel all pass my personal standards for a higher-quality item for the price. I see the manufacturer has used quality, reliable parts from known manufacturers, such as Suntour, Shimano, and Bafang.

I rode each of the bikes briefly and indoors on clean, level ground. I found the acceleration and feel to be fast and fun. I will test more on the hills right outside the building over the weekend in the nice, dry weather.

Thanks for reading and watching!

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It’s a new day! Daymak Electric Bikes and Vehicles, that is!

I am proud to announce our Lehigh Valley electric bike dealership has been approved and we can begin selling Daymak products immediately!


Daymak Technology develops and makes a complete line of electric bicycles, electric scooters, mobility scooters, toy vehicles, and off-road vehicles.

(the new Carbon Fiber EC1 is coming in April)

Over the next few days, we’ll be adding product information so you can check out the entire selection. For now, if you have any questions, or wish to place an order, we’re offering $100 off any ebike or scooter (by waiving the shipping and setup fee) for any order placed by December 16th,  by the end of  2015. Call 610-419-7119 or email Please use the website to find product information until we’re fully operational here.

(the Chameleon connected Scooter arrives in May)
(the Chameleon connected Scooter arrives in May)

Electric bikes are fully legal in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. They require no license, no insurance, and have no registration requirements. They can use bike paths anywhere without restriction. They are limited to 750 watts and 20 mph, 100 lbs max and the driver must be 16 years old.


Electric bikes and scooters over 100 lbs fall into the “moped” category in Pennsylvania. There are minimal insurance and registration requirements. The driver must hold a regular driver’s (not motorcycle) license.


I’m also excited to offer a full line of Mobility Scooters along with a few etrikes. We expect to have a few of these in our showroom by summer.


Daymak Technology also offers a really neat electric folding kids scooter, the Daymak Photon. Besides being powered by electric motor, it has a bluetooth speaker and solar charging built in. Please call for stock checks on these as they sell out quickly!



Thanks for checking us out! We look forward to serving the ebike community of the Lehigh Valley, of Pennsylvania, of New Jersey, and eventually, beyond.

Please Like us on Facebook to make sure you get updates as we post them.

Leonard French
Call 610-419-7119

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Hello and Welcome!

(our first electric bike build)

First let me thank you for visiting! This horribly unfinished site is the beginning of a full-service electric bike and vehicle dealership in the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania.

There are many people like yourself who are interested in electric bike and vehicle technology. What you may not know is how far the technology (and law) has come.

Ebikes are completely legal in Pennsylvania as long at they comply with some power, speed, and weight regulations. The limits are high enough that you can have an exciting and useful riding experience while remaining as legal as any bicycle, no driver’s license required at all. You must be 16 years or older to legally ride an ebike on the road.

Did you know that Pennsylvania has been ‘greenifying’ their trails? Many townships have converted their unused railways and many have restored canal and river trails to prime condition. It is now possible to commute between cities on these beautiful paths and trails.

Check out this video of one of our custom builds. This is a high-efficiency build that can achieve 15 watts per mile or better, allowing long range riding without assistance, or even longer range riding with modest pedaling.

We are currently in the process of establishing our relationship with our main supplier. You can expect a full website with a complete product lineup by the end of December, 2015, with ebikes and more available for delivery right away, and orders fulfilled locally within a week or so.

Our intention is to offer a complete package: quality, affordable ebikes and other vehicles and toys; service, parts, repairs, and customization; a safe a fun place to learn about ebikes and their technology, and a great place for employees with stability, growth, and opportunity.

We thank you for your patience while we get started here. We are currently building custom bikes for all price and power ranges. Please don’t hesitate to call or write if you are interested in learning more. 610-419-7119 or

I, personally, look forward to bringing you many miles of smiles and excitement over the wonderful world of electric transportation. Come with me and you’ll see a world of pure electric motion.

Leonard French