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Spring is here! So are deals on electric bikes!

The Vermont is a powerful mountain-ebike, $1,999.
(The Vermont is a powerful mountain-ebike, $1,999)

Spring has sprung and I see more and more people out and enjoying the weather! We have ebikes that will help you enjoy it in a new and great way!

These bicycles are all ELECTRIC, powered by modern, high-torque electric motors in the rear hub. They are made of quality parts in standard sizes for long-term use and upgradability.

Range is 25+ miles without pedaling, 80+ miles with pedal-assist. Top speed is 20+ mph without pedaling.

Ebikes are STREET LEGAL by Federal Law!

Get back on the bike! Climb South Mountain or Summit Lawn! Commute between three cities on the beautiful and private D&L river trail! Go to the beach on a fat-tire ebike!

Can’t drive? Ebikes don’t require a license, insurance, or registration in PA. There is minimal maintenance and additional cost with ebikes. There are many models for many uses. They are a great car alternative!

I will be posting videos of each ebike with information on their acceleration, range, and hill climbing ability.

Call at 610-419-7119 or write at! Free local delivery (20 miles) or pick up.