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May 26th, 2016:

Here’s another custom build for you to check out. This is the same guts as below, but now with upgraded frame and rear shocks. The frame is a specialized ebike frame which is easily filled to the brim with batteries, a charger, controller, and any other parts you may need for your purposed build. Custom ebike builds with this frame start at $3,599.

Custom Ebike Frame
(Yes, it’s still in the protective wrapping.)

Also, check out the stats from the ride. There were some pretty big hills (3rd street Bethlehem to Fountain Hill) but I still managed 24 watt-hours per mile, and even regenerated about 25 watt-hours, adding a mile to my range.

Stats from Build 4 ride
(5.1 kilowatts max power!)



Dec 15, 2015:

Here’s my latest ebike build on some trails right here in Allentown, PA. The Jordan Creek Parkway isn’t marked on the map, but it’s just northwest of the Jordan Creek Park, along the, you guessed it, Jordan Creek.

The park features some magnificent mountain bike trails. The park is several acres, not huge, but you can easily spend an hour or two enjoying the hills and challenges.

This build features the Adaptto controller (4500 watts peak output!) and a 45mm MXUS motor wound for 3000 watts continuous and over 120 lbs of thrust.

I intend to build bikes and support the local ebike community through a dealership in the Lehigh Valley. I am currently scouting showroom locations near trailheads in south Bethlehem and center city Allentown.

Some significant costs of ebikes can be reduced by a local dealership, especially shipping bikes, batteries, and having your bike serviced. I intend to offer many ways to save on ebikes, parts, and services. The shop will eventually hold classes, perform service on your ebikes, and help you upgrade, customize, and accessorize your vehicle for the perfect experience.

I will make sure your ebiking experience is full-service, from road to trail.

(getting ready for some winter riding)

I need lots of help. If you are interested, please don’t hesitate to message or comment. I love to hear your feedback, requests, and thoughts.

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And, of course, if you are interested in a demo ride or purchasing an ebike, please don’t hesitate to call.

Leonard French